About the Wassies

What is a Wassie?

Wassies are the result of a terrible radioactive incident. Not much is known about them, only that they seem to keep multiplying and appear to live for a maximum of 14 days. That is, if they somehow manage to make it to 14 days given their tendency to die in horrific, unusual or just plain silly ways. Although it is said that when a Wassie dies - an exact genetic replica spawns with the memory of its predecessor…


Research on the Wassies is underway. Initial findings are that Wassies are pest-like creatures that imbue all nearby sentient beings with an inexplicable urge to destroy them. Their relationship with fridges and couches are an ongoing area of study but leading Wassie scientists have observed that Wassie lifespans are positively correlated with the presence of these household objects.

Left to their own devices (in a controlled environment), Wassies have been observed engaging in activities such as playing cards and building their own

primitive societies

. But absent from all these societies are a certain breed of albino Wassies which seem stronger, faster and smarter than the average Wassie… but even less is known about this strain apart from their genetic superiority and their apparent bloodlust for the lesser members of their species.

ByWassie NFTs

ByWassie NFTs are 12345 generative NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain based on artwork from tukinowagamo - the original Wassie artist which created the lovable pests that have captured the imagination of first the crypto twitter community and now the web3 world.

9000 of the NFTs have been minted following an auction in September 2021. 3000 of the remaining NFTs have been reserved to the community treasury which will be used by the community to reward and incentivize participants in the Wassie ecosystem.

The ByWassies project is building a true foundation for the wonderful Wassie community to thrive and grow, by supporting community grants, organising events, and empowering Wassies to thrive.

Key Features
The first NFT project to grant ownership of intellectual property rights to NFT holders via the creation of a trust
80% of all royalties (with 20% going to metadrop) is allocated towards a grant pool for the purpose of supporting community made projects in the Wassie ecosystem
A grand scale art project that will allow Wassie holders the ability to truly express themselves by customising their Wassie while fully respecting NFT rarities and metadata
Work with the By Wassies team to bring value to the IP you own via merchandising, licensing and other opportunites
Weekly community events including Drink and Draw, Woker (Wassie poker), and games including Skribbl.io, Among Us, and more!

Join us!

Wassie Wednesday
Don't own an NFT? Want to win one? Take part in our regular competitions to have the chance of acquiring your very own Wassie!

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