Pool: $1000000

Wassie Grants - Building Wassietopia

The Wassie Grants Pool is a fund set up to support projects and initiatives from members of the Wassie community. All royalties received by the ByWassies team from the trading of ByWassiesNFTs (yes - all of them!) are sent directly into the grants pool to fund the construction of Wassietopia.

See below for details on what projects are eligible and how to apply for a grant!



See below for more information on some of the grants projects we have funded.


All projects which positively contribute to Wassietopia are eligible for Wassie Grants. The only requirement is that the project must be related to Wassies and must be for the good of the community.

There is no requirement for the projects to be profitable (and in fact we love funding non-profit ideas!) and no expectation of returns from projects that are profitable (although most for-profit projects we have funded tend to promise to provide part of the profits back into the Wassie Grants Pool because Wassies are team players)!

We will not fund projects that are illegal, unethical, exploitative, offensive or unfeasible. As a general rule, we also do not fund token or NFT projects.

Application Process
  1. 1. Submit your grant idea on the Forum
  2. 2. Receive feedback from the community
  3. 3. Interview with grants team
  4. 4. Refine idea with help of grants team
  5. 5. Final approval from the ByWassies team!

More information can be found here.